Best Tactical Knife: How to Choose the Best Tactical Knives

 Do people still carry a tactical knife? Is it safe to carry a tactical knife? Questions like these must have popped in your head after reading the title. The fact is, even today people are fond of carrying tactical knives as they do not just provide protection, but also can be used in multiple ways.

Before we proceed further with other aspects of a tactical knife, you should ask yourself a few questions. How often have you found yourself lacking a tool that would have been just right for something you were struggling with? How often do you feel the need of having a quick handy tool to open the gifts you get? How do you manage to get through all the insane packaging that takes ages to unwrap? Well, all these tasks can be made a lot easier with tactical knives.

Tactical knives have a range of uses from self-defense to work-a-day tools. These knives can help you handle a lot of tasks easily and effectively. Even if you are not a part of the military or law enforcement, a tactical knife is a handy tool to have by your side. Here is a look at the factors that determine what makes the best tactical knife.

Factors to look For When Buying a Tactical knife

best tactical knifeWith so many options available in the market, buying a tactical knife can seem an arduous task. If you want to make sure that you buy the best tactical knife, there are certain factors that you must keep in mind. It should be able to cater to your needs while also being durable and long-lasting. In this section, we have listed down some basic factors that determine the fitness of a tactical knife.


The first factor to keep in mind when looking for a tactical knife is to be aware of your needs. If you want to use the knife to handle everyday repair tasks in and around your house or office, buying a multipurpose model can be a good choice. On the other hand if you are looking to buy a standard tactical knife for camping, trekking or basic survival needs, then consider going for a reliable fixed blade knife that will serve you well.


Tactical knives are available in a variety of shapes and weights. An extremely small tactical knife will barely weigh anything, while larger models could weigh more than half a pound. In general, it can be said that the weight of the knife is directly proportional to the size. The weight of the knife is related to the weight of the blade. Heavier blades can stand up to a lot of rough use while lighter blades are preferable for everyday tasks. You should choose your knife depending on your use for it.


Most people prefer folding knives that can fit easily in their pocket or a small pouch. There are a variety of knives that you can explore in terms of size. The size of the knife will depend upon the type of blade you are looking for. A large knife is not always preferable, despite what you may have seen in the movies. Smaller blades live up to the usual tasks that are required of knives, like whittling or skinning or even self-defense. It should also be noted that the effectiveness of a folding knife hinges on its locking mechanism. A fixed blade knife will be larger than a folding knife, but it is very possible that it will last longer. Depending on your intended use for the knife, you will have to decide the size of the best tactical knife that fits your purposes.

Blade Quality:

Blade quality is one of the most important features of your tactical knife. A good tactical knife should always have a full tang and the blade should be the sharpest it can be. Steel quality also plays a big role in determining the utility of your knife. You should always check the steel used in manufacturing the blade of the knife. Also pay attention to the geometry of the blade. Spear point or tanto point blades are excellent for thrusting and stabbing. But if you desire a blade that can serve more than one purpose, drop point blades are the way to go. Also, make sure you comply with the law and regulations of your country while choosing the blade size.


However, it must be noted that carrying a tactical knife is not legal in many countries. So, make sure you note down all the rules and regulations imposed by your country in this context before making the purchase. Another factor to keep in mind is the purpose for which you want to buy the knife. Apart from buying it for yourself, you can also use it as a great gifting option. Your friends and family members will definitely like the idea of this unique gift.  Here is a look at a list of knives, each of which is considered the best tactical knife on its own by knife enthusiasts.

Review of the 5 Top Rated Tactical knives

SOG TK-03 Toothlock Folder

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The SOG Toothlock is a folding knife. It has a 3.5” VG 10 stainless steel blade that is partially serrated near the base. The handle is crafted from Zytel with steel liners for added durability. The best part about this knife is the deployment mechanism it offers. You can deploy the blade with the push of a button and a twist of the wrist. Moreover, the blade provides a reversed curve that makes it suitable for those tasks that cannot be done with normal straight blades. Overall, it is a good tactical knife offering a well-crafted top-quality stainless steel blade and a firm handle. It is a solid knife that would feel quite comfortable in your hands.

SOG SE14 Spec-Elite I

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This SOG Spec Elite I tactical knife is considered by many to be the best tactical knife for providing amazing features at an affordable price. The knife features a 4” stainless steel VG 10 blade with a glass-reinforced nylon handle. The locking mechanism is SOG’s own Arc Lock system which allows for smooth and fast deployment of the blade. The spring-action lock is efficient and very durable. For those who are left-handed or ambidextrous, there is nothing better than the SOG Spec Elite I. The knife comes equipped with a double sided lock release that makes it suitable for everyone. The handle is reinforced with Kevlar and provides a solid grip. It is also very resistant to weather conditions, which makes it perfect for any outdoor usage.

Buck Knives TOPS Nighthawk

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The Nighthawk was released as a crossover between TOPS and Buck. It is a mean and sleek fixed-blade knife that is perfect as a survival tool. The knife has a long 6.5” blade made of 420HC stainless steel. The blade is coated with Black Oxide giving it a dark, shimmering finish. The blade contains three holes of varying sizes near the base that can serve as utility notches. These holes can be used for many purposes from twisting wires to opening bottle valves. The manufacturers put the blade through an extensive series of stress tests to make sure it is one of the most durable and sturdy knives in the market. The handle is crafted from molded nylon with a rubber grip to make it easy to handle. The Nighthawk is one of the finest tactical knives available in the market today for its sleek appearance and its rugged utility.

Ka-Bar Black Kukri Machete

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Ka-Bar is renowned for its military and tactical knives for many decades now. Considering their expertise in creating some of the most solid survival and tactical knives in the market, the Kukri Machete does not disappoint. It is a monster of a knife that weighs at 1.7 pounds and features a blade that is 11.5” long. The blade is a carbon steel blade that retains its edge for a long time, as it should. This knife is intended for the true survivalist. Whether it is chopping wood, clearing through brush or even hacking away at your garden to keep it neat, the Kukri Machete is a perfect fit. The thermoplastic handle provides a firm grip which is needed for the kind of swinging you will be doing with this blade. Though its size and weight may appear to be deterrents, the Ka-Bar Kukri Machete is an excellent, sturdy all-purpose knife for anyone who actively engages in wilderness activities like camping or trekking.

 Browning Stone Cold Folding Knife, Tanto Blade, G-10

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Browning Stone Cold Folding Knife, Tanto Blade, G-10

The Stone Cold Tanto is one of the tactical knives in the Black Label series released by Browning. It features a 5.7” stainless steel, tanto-point blade. The blade is partially serrated near the base. The knife has a solid pommel that has been stress tested to ensure it remains durable even under extreme pressure. This tanto was built to last for a long time. The handle is grooved to allow your fingers to rest easily in them. It is wrapped with a durable desert camo paracord that makes gripping easier. A strip of cord is attached to the base of the handle to be used as replacement, if required. The unique design of the tanto allows it to be used for efficient stabbing as well as cutting purposes. Lightweight at less than 10 ounces, the Tanto is excellent as a handy knife you can stow away in your pockets or strap to your belt for your next camping trip.

Final Verdict

Overall, it can be said that each of these knives have their own unique features. All of them have the ability to cater the wide variety of needs and requirements.

In our opinion, the Buck TOPS Nighthawk is the best tactical knife in the list.

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It is an excellent all-purpose knife for self-defense and general utility.